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“This investigation is related to claims about a website operator alleged to have made hundreds of thousands of dollars selling personal information. The RCMP will continue to work diligently with our domestic and international law enforcement partners to prosecute online criminality.” Inspector Rafael Alvarado, Officer in Charge of the RCMP Cybercrime Investigative Team at National DivisionThis case highlights the importance of international partnerships, which are key to solving crimes that are becoming increasingly transnational. We are actively pursuing efforts to prevent, detect and deter any illegal activity that threatens Canada’s integrity and reputation.

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Why I Chose Queen University: Queen’s University’s Department of Public Health Sciences is at the forefront of mental health and developmental disabilities research, the two fields I am passionate about. Queen’s accelerated MPH works with my availability and has an impressive record of practicum sites that have hosted Queen’s MPH students. I found the department staff and faculty approachable, supportive and extremely patient with my extensive phone inquiries.

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