“Lisa Riley returns to Emmerdale after 17 years and a 12

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Lisa Riley shares her incredible Christmas party dress diet after she drops TEN sizes to a 12The curvaceous 42 year old has spoken out to encourage other women to make positive changes and see similar results”I was obese, had a dreadful diet, drank too much and was filled with self loathing. I was a complete over eater and an emo eater. I’d eat when I was happy and eat when I was sad.”I decided that instead of feel sorry for myself and making up excuses, I had to do something about it and turn those negatives into positives.”And, believe me, once you start seeing results it becomes addictive.”As my dress sizes started to drop and my choice of clothes grew, it spurred me on to keep going.”Lisa Riley returns to Emmerdale after 17 years and a 12 stone weight lossIn the first part of Lisa’s party dress diet, she reveals how her experience can help you drop a festive frock size.But the change in her appearance is not the only positive that Lisa’s new healthy lifestyle has brought.

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