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Replica Bags Wholesale Members of each group heard a different set of audio instructions. Researchers then replica bags from china took physical measurements of heart rate and sweat response, and asked participants to report how they were feeling.Participants were asked questions on how safe they felt, how likely they were to be kind to themselves and how connected they felt to others.The two groups whose instructions encouraged them to be kind to themselves not only reported feeling more self compassion and connection with others, but also showed a bodily response consistent with feelings of relaxation replica bags vuitton and safety.Their heart rates dropped and heart rate variability improved, a healthy sign of a heart that can respond flexibly to situations. They also showed lower sweat response.Meanwhile, instructions that induced a critical inner voice led to an increased heart rate and a higher sweat response, consistent with feelings of threat and distress.The recordings that encouraged self compassion were a body scan in which people were guided to attend to bodily sensations with an attitude of interest and calmness; and a loving kindness exercise in which they directed kindness and soothing thoughts to a loved one and themselves.The three other groups listened to recordings replica bags aaa designed to induce a critical inner voice, put them into a but competitive and self enhancing mode, or zeal replica bags reviews an emotionally neutral shopping scenario.sense is that for people prone to depression, meeting their negative thoughts and feelings with compassion is a radically different way. Replica Bags Wholesale

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